Let’s Party!

Do you love to party? Do you love to participate in link parties? If so, check out the parties below for each day of the week. If you are a host or co-host of a link party, let me know! I’ll add your party to my list. Have a fun week partying!

Monday Parties

RaegunRamblings  IShouldbeMoppingtheFloor    SugarBeeCrafts2

Tuesday Parties


Wednesday Parties


Thursday Parties


Friday Parties


Weekend Parties



3 thoughts on “Let’s Party!

  1. I have been disappointed regarding ‘blog parties’. I have been doing parties for weeks now and only get an occasional view.

    I see a lot of good recipes and projects that I want to make. So I subscribe to interesting blogs that I find and I pin lots of good ideas.

    But, don’t get many visitors to my site, let alone followers. Some parties get hundreds of entries other less than 100, and yet I only get a couple views.

    Am I getting frustrated too easily? Or maybe there is a secret that I haven’t learned yet.

    Any insight that you can offer would be most appreciated.

    1. Blog parties can be hit and miss for views, but I still get views out of it. Plus, one of my posts will get features once in awhile, which is sweet. Then more views from that. When I find a post I like from a party and I like that blog, I’ll comment on their post and start following them on social media and subscribe to their blog by email. What’s your blog? I’d love to check it out!

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