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Coffee Decor from Shoppe by Scout Mob

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Since yesterday was National Coffee Day, I thought today would be perfect to write a post about coffee.

I’m a big fan of coffee if you didn’t know that. I love coffee so much that the decor in my kitchen is coffee themed. I love finding new coffee decor for my kitchen.

I discovered Shoppe by Scout Mob. The Shoppe sells inspired goods by independent makers. There are many makers that contribute to the Shoppe. Each maker has a different trade. You can find out more about the Shoppe here. Have you heard of Shoppe?


I was browsing Shoppe and I discovered they had a food and drink section, so I searched for coffee. You can get anything from coffee to coffee decor. There were several items that caught my eye.

This first print is my favorite. I love the colors of the blue in the print. The stripes look great on the print. I could see this print hanging in my kitchen.

Retro Coffee Print

This print is what I need to do sometimes – fill ‘er up. There are days I need that second cup of coffee. I love that the cup is red since I have a red and blue color theme in my kitchen.

Retro Coffee Cup Print – Red

And of course, all you need is love…and a good cup of coffee. Love and coffee works great together. This print looks great as a chalkboard art and would look great in any kitchen. This print made me think of Shugar Love and the All You Need Is Love Project that we were part of together.

Love & Coffee Chalkboard Art Print

These last two prints are made by the same maker. The prints would look great hung together. I love the simple color of the coffee cups and I also love the design on the cups.

Geometric Coffee Cup Print

Geometric Coffee Cup Linocut Art Print

What do you think of these coffee prints for your decor in your kitchen? Which one(s) would you pick?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

11 thoughts on “Coffee Decor from Shoppe by Scout Mob

  1. I LOVE coffee and retro prints! The first one is by far my favorite 🙂 But the last two are also speaking to me because, even though they are coffee cups, the pattern has an African feel to them. My husband is originally from South Africa so we have a lot of African and African inspired art in our home.

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