Katie – Year 2 Album

On October 21, my daughter Katie turned 2 years old. I have started a tradition of making a photo album on throughout my daughter’s life. I have made an album after Katie’s 1.5 months, after 1 year, and now after 2 years.

I just finished it and it is ordered! I can’t wait!

I have so much fun creating the albums on Shutterfly. I pick a theme that I want. The theme comes with different backgrounds, colored frames, and embellishments. The possibilities are endless. I just play around will all the options until I find what I want.

Check out Katie’s Year 2 album. Also check out Katie’s Year 1 album and 1.5 months album to see how much she has changed.

It is very easy to create an album and they come in many different sizes. The best time to order them is when there is a sale. For example: 40% off order and free shipping on orders $30+.

So create one today to showcase your child or any event!

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