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Chicken Tacos / Chicken Taco Salads



Tacos are a traditional meal. There are many variations. You can use a tortilla or none at all. Beef or chicken.

In our house, I usually use chicken over beef. I make myself a chicken taco salad while my husband eats a chicken taco. Instead of sour cream, I use greek yogurt. You can’t tell that it’s greek yogurt while you are eating the taco. Plus it has less fat than sour cream.

Check out my recipe below for chicken tacos and chicken taco salads.

Chicken Tacos / Chicken Taco Salads

Serving size: 2

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1 chicken thigh, shredded
2 dashes of chicken seasoning
dash of garlic powder
dash of paprika
dash of chili powder
pinch of cayenne pepper
tortilla (lettuce for salad)
sour cream (or greek yogurt)
taco sauce

1. Put olive oil in sauce pan on medium heat.
2. Add onion and cook for several minutes.
3. Add chicken and cook until done.
4. Add chicken seasoning, garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, and cayenne pepper to chicken.
5. Assemble taco or taco salad.
6. Add additional ingredients to your liking.

Serve and enjoy the tacos and taco salads!

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