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Christmas Decorations 2013

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to decorate my house for Christmas. I have decorations from the past few years and I’m slowing growing my supply. I’d have to thank my Mother-in-law for most of the decorations and of course the dollar store. lol. If you saw some of them, you wouldn’t think they are from the dollar store.

This year we had to buy a new tree. Why you ask? Well, our cat Amigo broke it last year. He knocked the tree down and the lights wouldn’t work anymore. But on a good note, I really love our tree this year. Guess where we got it? Kmart on Black Friday. It’s one of the best times to buy a tree for a discounted price. Our rule this year is: No delicate ornaments on the tree. We bought few more items this year for the tree.


I found several rolls of wrapping paper, glittered ribbon, and candy cane and snowman tags at Target. I love how the black, red, and white wrapping paper looks with the red, white, and silver ribbon. We bought a vintage Mickey Mouse wrapping paper for the girls. It’s so cute.



Several of the ornaments are very special. This year is our 10 month old, Sophia’s first Christmas. We bought her an ornament for baby’s first Christmas. Other ornament we have on the tree is for our 2 year old, Katie. This is her third Christmas. She picked out an ornament while we were at Menards. A cupcake ornament. She has an obsession of cupcakes. lol. Katie loves to carry the ornament around with her. And of course we have her first Christmas (2011) up on the tree as well.

Sophia’s First Christmas 2013

Katie’s First Christmas 2011

This year we painted our built-in bookshelf a dark gray color. It makes all the decorations pop, which I love. You should have seen the color before (sea green). The shelf is mixed with Christmas decor and pictures of our girls and my husband and I.



Since I couldn’t put our delicate ornaments on the Christmas tree, I displayed them elsewhere. I placed them in bowls and on shelves.



Our hutch nicely displays our Christmas dishes.


Our five-tier shelf displaying some of our decorations.


Thank you for viewing our Christmas decorations for our home. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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