Boogie Board Writing Tablet

Are you looking for a device that your kids can use over and over again? Do your kids enjoy drawing or writing?

I have a device for your kids. Boogie Board writing tablets. Your kids can draw and write and easily erase with a push of a button. These writing tablets are great for car rides to keep your kids busy.

There are two different variations of the Boogie Board that my girls own – Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play and Boogie Board Play n’ Trace.

Scribble n’ Play

The Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play comes with 4 different styluses to create different lines on the writing tablet. As your child draws or writes, lines appear in rainbow colors. Your kids can draw over and over again without having to use tons of paper. Your child can erase the screen at a push of a button. If your child creates a drawing that he/she would like to keep, you can upload the drawing on an application through Boogie Board.

When I brought out the Boogie Boards, my girls were excited to use them. Katie started off by drawing on the Scribble n’ Play Boogie Board. She drew a rainbow with a sky and clouds. I love seeing whatever she draws. Her creativity in drawing has grown in the past year or so. She has drawn the characters from Trolls and the Super Hero Girls. I was really impressed how they turned out.

When it was Sophia’s turn to draw on the Scribble n’ Play Boogie Board, she had lots of fun using her imagination to create a masterpiece. She drew spirals as the top of trees and drew lines for the trunk of the trees. Sophia’s creativity has also increased recently. Sometimes she likes to sit down and create a fun picture. Last week she drew a horse with wavy hair over a pool of lava. Before she told me it was a horse, I actually thought it looked like one. Adding the lava to the picture was very imaginative.

So of course before bed the other night, Elizabeth had to take her turn on the Scribble n’ Play Boogie Board. She insisted to sit on top of their play table instead of seating on the chair. She enjoys using each stylus and scribbling and seeing the rainbow lines appear on the screen. One of Elizabeth’s favorite things to do is color. By the way, don’t you love her Anna and Elsa pajamas?

Play n’ Trace

The Boogie Board Play n’ Trace comes with a pencil stylus and three tracing pages. Your child can draw a picture on the writing tablet or trace the lowercase and uppercase alphabet letters and numbers on a see through screen. Your child can practice their letters and numbers over and over again. The screen can be erased at a push of a button. The writing tablet is shaped like an artist’s palette, so your child can easily grip the Boogie Board.

Sophia used the Play n’ Trace Boogie Board first. She wanted to trace the card with numbers. Katie leaned in to watch Sophia and encourage her as she traced the numbers. Sophia did a really good job and only messed up couple times. Sophia struggles sometimes with writing and I’m really proud of her on how well she worked on the tracing card. She has been working really hard on writing letters and numbers at Preschool couple days a week.

When it was Katie’s turn on the Play n’ Trace Boogie Board, she wanted to trace the cards with the uppercase letters. She did awesome with her letters. Katie has been working hard in writing in Kindergarten this year. She has been writing words all by herself and trying to sound them out. Sometimes Katie will miss couple letters in a word, but otherwise she comes pretty close.

Elizabeth took her turn on the Play n’ Trace Boogie Board. She had fun scribbling on the tablet. Then she got distracted by me taking pictures of her and wanted to see them. Besides drawing on the Boogie Boards, Elizabeth also loves to draw on the marker board.

We found our Boogie Boards at Barnes and Noble. We bought both writing tablets, because we especially liked the tracing on the Play n’ Trace and the fun drawings you can do on the Scribble n’ Play. You can also find these on Amazon – Scribble n’ Play and Play n’ Trace.

Do you think your kids would enjoy a Boogie Board writing tablet? If so, go to Barnes and Noble or order it off of Amazon today! I know your kids would enjoy it as much as my girls do.

This post is part of a post series called Life of Parenthood, which is on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children to featuring mommy bloggers.

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    1. These tablets will definitely help him learn to write and make the learning a little more fun as well. You can also purchase different tracing sheets on Boogie Board’s website.

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