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Labels for Organization

Label everything. They help make your space look more organized and help you and others keep it organized. Labels can be put on anything throughout your house. Most of the labels that I have are in my kitchen and bathroom.

Add labels inside your junk drawer. I reused baby food containers to place rubber bands, paper clips, screws, and miscellaneous items in my junk drawer and added labels to make it organized.

Add labels to storage baskets in your kitchen cabinets. I have four baskets in my girls’ cabinet for medicine, cups, food, and snacks. I have two other baskets for medicine and first aid.

Add labels in your pantry on jars and shelves. I added labels to my five pantry shelves for snacks, drinks, jars/cans, boxes, and rice/pasta. It not only looks nice, it helps my husband know how I have the pantry organized.

Add labels in your bathroom closet. I have three baskets for body, face, and hair.

There are so many labels that you can download and customize to your liking. Here are labels that I use.

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