Toddler Applications

Words on Parenting Wednesday is a weekly post series on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children.


Google Play has lots of choices for toddler applications for your android phone or tablet. I’m always looking for new games for my girls, Katie and Sophia, to play. There are so many games that will help your toddler learn or just have fun. I’d say most of my applications on my phone are for my girls.

Whenever my girls play a game on my phone, I first open a parental control application I downloaded from Google Play. You can find more about the application here.

Katie (2.5 years old) will ask me to play a game on my phone all the time. She especially likes to play a game when she’s in the car. Sophia (14 months old) is just starting to learn how to play games on my phone. Sometimes she puts both of her hands around the phone, so the application doesn’t work as well. Sophia does have fun though when she does press on objects and they make sounds.

Out of all the applications that I have on my phone, the following are Katie’s top 5 favorite games to play:

1. ABC Toddler: This is a great game to help your toddler learn their alphabet. Plus they learn what animal starts with each letter. I can ask Katie to find a certain letter and she will press that letter. She also knows where certain animals are that goes with a letter.

2. Shapes by Baby Bus: This is a great game to help your toddler learn shapes. They can make patterns with shapes or even find objects that are certain shapes. Katie especially loves it when she makes the panda cry. She thinks it’s so funny. Katie loves all Baby Bus games.

3. Kids Doodle: This is a great application for your toddler to draw. There are a variety of paint brushes to choose from, so each drawing is unique. As your toddler swipes the screen, the color will chance whenever the finger is lifted. Katie and Sophia love to draw with this application. I have saved multiple images of their drawings.

4. Nighty Night: This is a perfect bedtimes story that your toddler can interact with. The objective of the story is to shut the lights off for each animal at the farm. Katie loves pressing on the animals and making them make noise. She knows where each light switch is in each room.

5. Toddler Counting: This is a great game to help your toddler learn to count from 1-20. Plus your toddler will learn different animals and objects. This is Katie’s favorite game ever. This game has helped her learn to count and recognize the numbers 1-20.

What applications does your toddler love to play? Will you be downloading any of the ones I have listed?

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