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4 Movie Date Night Ideas

What are you and your significant other doing for Valentine’s Day? Do you have kids and can’t get away by yourselves?

I have an idea. After the kids have gone to bed, sit down with a glass of wine and a snack, such as meat and cheese, and watch a movie.

You can rent a movie off of Redbox, watch a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or rewatch a movie you already own. It can be a romantic, comedy, action, etc. Whatever you choose.

It doesn’t matter what you watch. The most important thing that matters is that you are spending time together (hopefully uninterrupted with kids getting out of bed).

Below are 4 romantic movie ideas that you can watch with your signifcant other on Valentine’s Day for a movie date night.

4 Romantic Movie Ideas

1. Sixteen Candles. This is my all time favorite romantic movie.  It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it. The movie is actually older than me by few years. In the movie, it’s Samantha’s 16th birthday and no one seems to remember in her family. Samantha wants to be with the boy of her dreams, but a blonde guy stands in her way. Nothing seems to be going right. How is Samatha’s 16th birthday going to end?

2. Music and Lyrics. This movie is another one of my favorite romantic movie. And of course it has Drew Barrymore in it. Alex Fletcher is a music writer that everyone loved in the 80’s, but he’s become a has-been pop sensation. He’s been asked to write a love song, but he can’t quite figure out the right words. Sophie Fisher comes into the picture who is great at coming up with words. They start working together to come up with the perfect love song. Along the way, Alex and Sophie falls in love with each other. What’s going to happen between the two?

3. The Bodyguard. This romantic movie has Kevin Costner and the late Whitney Houston star in it. In the movie, Rachel Marron is a music/movie superstar and everyone loves her, except one. Someone wants to kill her. Frank Farmer is the bodyguard for Rachel and it is his job to protect her. One thing that Rachel and Frank doesn’t expect is to fall in love. Will Frank be able to protect her and what will happen next?

4. Cinderella Man. This romantic movie is based on a true story and Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger star in it. In the movie, it was a time when America needed a champion. Boxer Jim Braddock had to prove how hard he would fight to win for a second chance for his family and himself. He was driven by love for his family to try to beat the impossible. Will Jim be able make his dream come true and become a champion for his family?

Have you watched any of these movies? Which movie is on your watch list? Pick a movie and enjoy your date night with your significant other.

I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day!

This post is part of a post series called True Love, which is on the subject of love. I’ll talk about loving yourself and others to ways to making yourself a better person.

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