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Spring Decorations in the Home

Does it look like Spring in your home yet? Or even outside? Not here it doesn’t. Snow was slowing starting to melt. Then it decided to snow 4.5 inches the other day. So much for it looking like Spring outside. On the plus side, it looks beautiful outside with the snow on the trees.

I shared with you last week my Spring decorations in my kitchen. Now it’s time for my decorations in the rest of my home.

I used Spring decorations I already had plus I found some new items at Target and TJ Maxx. Welcome to my home!

Let’s start in my entryway area. I added these black stools that I previously had in my kitchen. I left this area simple with a rose drawing I drew hanging on the wall. Don’t you love that mirror with the wood affect on it? The Yellow Music Room picture by Thomas McKnight is also hung in the entryway.

Next to the entryway is my girls’ small piano with a large black vase. Above the piano and vase is a floral and white picture frames with Katie and Sophia’s school pictures. I love the sayings inside the picture frames. In the windowsill, I have a bunny garland hanging. I found the bunny garland in Target’s Dollar Spot this year.

Now we enter my living room. In front of my couch, is my 5-tier shelf, radiator cover counter, and a 6-cubed shelf.

On my 5-tier shelf, I added my gold and black vase with white flowers to the top shelf along with a blue bowl with plastic Easter eggs. The gold and black vase is from CB2 and the white flowers are from TJ Maxx several years ago. I found the small bunny head and Easter Egg Hunt sign in Target’s Dollar Spot his year. The glitter blue bunny, small bunnies, and small pink eggs I bought at the Dollar Tree.


Next to the shelf is a large window where I hung up butterflies. The butterflies are from the Dollar Tree. On the white radiator cover is my white vase and sticks from IKEA and my lamp (also from Target) along with my Project 62 blue and white vases from Target. I just talked about how much I wanted these vases in my Project 62 post. I had to go to Target and buy them. Plus I got $5 off if I spent $25 and I got a $5 gift card. Don’t they look great?!?!

On the top of my 6-cubed shelf are my gold leaves decor pieces. I bought these at Target. They can also be hung on the wall. I love the gold color of the leaves.

On my couch I switched my throw pillows and added my blue and tan zebra striped pillows. This couch is so comfortable to just relax by myself, with my husband, or with my girls. Grab a blanket and I’m set.

Behind my couch is my built-in bookshelf. I added items that I currently had plus decor I bought at Target and TJ Maxx. I have our nature jar of rocks we have collected over the years on the shelf. I found this green Grow sign in Target’s Dollar Spot. The blue and white round vase with pink flowers is from TJ Maxx, which I bought this year. The large bowl is filled with floral potpourri that I also bought at TJ Maxx. I love how it looks in the bowl. The pink bunny and yellow chick are from the Dollar Tree. I’ve added several things my girls have made on my shelves plus some very special rocks they have found. The fish that are on the shelf are from the Kids Night In Box that my girls made. I’ll be talking more about the boxes this week.

Next to my couch is another 6-cubed shelf. On the top of the shelf, I have a table runner with a silver vase with purple flowers and a Hello Spring sign. I got the sign in Target’s Dollar Spot  last year. Next to it is a picture of Katie when she was little taken near Mother’s Day. Don’t you love this artwork hanging above my shelf? Next to the shelf is a basket where I store my blankets for the couch. I have couple blue and yellow throw pillows on top of the basket.

On the wall between my living room and dining room is where I display my girls handprint art. I have all of their Spring and Easter handprints from the past couple years. We’ve made bunnies, flowers, chicks, and Easter eggs. We made two handprint art in 2016 since that was the year Elizabeth was born. We made one before she was born and one after she was born. Elizabeth gets excited whenever she sees her handprint.

Now into the dining room. On the dining room table is a cake stand with plastic Easter eggs with a floral arrangement from TJ Maxx this year. Next to the dining room table is a painting of a pear. Behind the table is a Spring sitting area. The cubes and yellow and blue pillows are from Target. The white pillows are from TJ Maxx. My girls love to sit on the cubes and look outside the windows. Next to the window is a large silver vase from Target and sticks from Hobby Lobby. Also in my dining room is a black square mirror, I put peel off butterflies on the mirror.

In a corner of my office, I have my girls’ artworks on display for Spring. Katie and Sophia made butterflies and flowers out of construction paper, and paintings with different colors. They made all of these three years ago. We’ll definitely have to add a new artwork to our wall this year. The Inspire and Create signs are from Target’s Dollar Spot.

What’s your favorite decor area or item that you saw in my home?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

22 thoughts on “Spring Decorations in the Home

  1. Love all your decorations especially the kid ones!!! Looking a lot like spring. It’s snowing here so I haven’t done any spring decorating or cleaning or anything. It will warm up one of these days right?

  2. So pretty! Love all the little details and pops of spring colours! Those hand prints are adorable!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I never really have decorated my home for spring. I don’t know if I’ll get around to it with baby due in May but once he gets here, hopefully I’ll be motivated to decorate more!

  4. Your built in book shelf is an amazing space! What a wonderful place to store things and decorate. I love the hand print decor, and the Easter eggs in the cake plate is too adorable! And of course, I love the mini piano since I’m a piano teacher! 😉

  5. I am in love with all your decorations . Spring is my favorite time to decorate beautiful colors.

  6. Love this post! I especially like the kids’ artwork! I display Hayden’s stuff all the time! I even have some of the girls’ old masterpieces around. Occasionally, I purchase blank canvases and let all 3 of them have at it! I also really like the blue ottomans! Super cute!!

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