Home for the Holidays

It is that time of season again. The holiday season is officially here. Everyone is running around getting ready for Christmas.

The holidays is filled with lots of food, shopping, fun, and laughter. What else it is filled with depends on you.

Food. Who doesn’t love food? Christmas is one of the times where you eat lots of food and goodies and you don’t feel bad about it. Well, not to bad. What is your favorite thing to make for Christmas? Growing up, we ate creamed corn. Canned corn with cream it. My Grandma always made it. Not having it wasn’t the same.

Holiday shopping can be crazy. Especially on Black Friday. Whenever there is a big deal on an item, people go crazy. That’s why this year I’m doing most of my shopping online. Plus it’s easier to buy my husband’s gift online, so he doesn’t see it. One thing I learned is NEVER give a hint to my husband on what I bought him for Christmas. He ALWAYS guesses it. No matter what.

Make tons of memories and traditions for your family. Have lots of fun. Laugh so hard until tears come out. Most of all, just sit back and enjoy the time spent with your family. My husband and I have two little girls who we want to have lots of fun. We are starting a tradition to put little things in their Christmas stockings and have them open them up at home on Christmas. As they grow older, there will be more memories and traditions.

Enjoy the holidays!

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