Cookie Cutters Activity


I have a huge collection of plastic cookie cutters from when my husband and I got married. Even though cookie cutters are meant to be used for baking, I let my girls, Katie and Sophia play with them. I don’t bake cookies very often, so why not, right? I thought that when I do bake, I can simply wash them before I use them.

My girls love to play with the cookie cutters. They surround the container and take them out. Sophia doesn’t care which cookie cutters she plays with. Katie on the other hand, loves to take out all the yellow ones, which are letters and numbers. Katie’s mind set is the yellow ones are mine and Sophia, you can play with the other ones.

Besides being fun to play with, cookie cutters can be educational too. The set I have has letters, numbers, shapes, animals, and many objects.



Katie can nearly say most of the letters whenever I show her a cookie cutter. She can recognize all of the numbers, plus she can count 1-20. Katie knows most of her shapes, but surprisingly there isn’t a heart with the shape cookie cutters. When I show Katie the animal and objects cookie cutters, she’ll tell me what it is and if she doesn’t know, I’ll tell her what it is. She picks up on things real quick.

Sophia, being almost 1 years old, doesn’t know yet what the cookie cutters look like. But in a few months, we’ll be able to teach her what everything is.

If you don’t have a set of cookie cutters lying around that your kids can play with, you should get some. I know they will love playing with them as much as my girls do. Plus they can also use them when they are playing with play dough.

4 thoughts on “Cookie Cutters Activity

  1. My son loves using our cookie cutters for Play doh. He’ll play for hours making the shapes and telling me what they are! I think it will be a good learning tool for his little sister too, she can learn shapes and such!

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