Scarf Fashion

Fashion Friday is a weekly post series on the subject of fashion and beauty. I’ll talk about items that I find or want for my wardrobe to ways to beautify yourself.


Do you love wearing scarves? What is your favorite, regular or infinity? I love them both. I started wearing scarfs in the past year or two. I’m not sure why I haven’t worn them before, but I love wearing them.

Currently, I own seven scarves and I’m slowly adding to my collection. I hang them on a scarf hanger I bought at Ikea. I love it. I can keep my scarves organized and hang them with my clothes in my closet. How do you hang your scarves?


I love scarves that are one color, but I also love having some sort of design. As you can see from the pictures, I love spots and dots.  Whenever I’m looking for scarves in stores such as TJ Maxx, H&M, Target, or Kohls, I look for scarfs that I love. I also think of what top I would wear it with. What are your favorite places to buy your scarves?


3 thoughts on “Scarf Fashion

  1. I just started wearing scarves! Very new, I only wear solids at the moment, but on my vacation to London, I knew I had to buy my first non solid Tartan Burberry scarf there. It was a splurge, but if I was going to do it, it was going to be in London. The scarves I buy are thin and can be warn as a shawl. I only wear them as a shawl or with the loop in front with the 2 ends hanging on each of my front sides. I need to experiment. I think I should try an infinity also. Like i said, I am new. Oh! I do love putting scarves on my handbags! I always have one on my handbag! I like to change them. Prints usually. I try to change them to match what I am wearing or just match the handbag. Every now and again, I will put one in my hair. You are inspiring me to wear them more!

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