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Sweet Potato Pancakes

Meal Monday is a weekly post series on the subject of food. I’ll talk about my love for food to sharing recipes that I love cooking to food tips.


Do you love pancakes? Katie and Sophia love pancakes. I make my girls pancakes at least once a week. Sometimes we go to Denny’s to get pancakes. Who can’t say no to pancakes for dinner?

What is your favorite flavor? I make so many different kinds of pancakes. I’ll put fruit such as bananas, berries, or apples (add a little cinnamon) in the pancakes. One of my favorite flavor of pancakes I love to make is peanut butter. I made peanut butter pancakes last week and added chocolate chips. Katie and Sophia scarfed the pancakes down. My girls loved them.

Another kind of pancake I like to make is sweet potato pancakes. If I have leftover baked sweet potatoes from the night before, I’ll put it in the pancake mix. Add spices and it’s done. It tastes so good.

Here is my recipe for sweet potato pancakes.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Serving size: 3 (6 pancakes)

2 cups complete pancake mix
1 1/3 cup water
1/4 – 1/2 cup sweet potato
cinnamon, sprinkle
cloves, sprinkle
nutmeg, sprinkle

1. Add pancake mix and water to mixing bowl;  mix.


2. Add sweet potato and spices; mix.

20140314_092248  20140314_092519

3. Pour desirable amount of pancake batter to make two pancakes on heated griddle.


4. Flip pancakes when ready.


5. Take pancakes off and place on plate.
6. Repeat and 3-5 until batter is gone.

Serve with syrup and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pancakes

  1. Yum! I never thought of doing sweet potato pancakes before. My absolute favorite are the pumpkin pancakes at IHOP. I know fall is here when those come on the menu!

    Thanks for sharing : )

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