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CB2 Wishlist

Tidy Tuesday is a weekly post series on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling / decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips.


I always love to find new decor for my house. I found the store CB2 last summer. It is a sister store of Crate & Barrel. This is a perfect store to find anything for all areas of your house. My husband and I found a decorative bowl for our dining room table and a tall vase for our end table. We love them both!

I love looking at CB2’s catalog that we receive in the mail. There are always so many things that I would want in my home. If you don’t get their catalog, you should! You would be inspired by so many different things.

The other day I was on CB2’s website to find decor to put on my wishlist. I thought I’d share with you several things that I’ve found.

I love these drop vases, which has a mirror image. They can be displayed with different vases to create a complete look.

drop-vases drop-vases (1)

I love this look of the kabasa vase. It has bumps all around it’s middle. This vase looks great with flowers in it or all by itself.

kabasa-vase  kabasa-vase (1)

I love this spike brass wire object sculpture. All of the different angles in the sculpture gives it a dramatic look. It would look great in your bedroom or in your living room for everyone to see.

spike-brass-wire-object  spike-brass-wire-object (1)

I found another sculpture that I love. This is a tepati metal sculpture with interlocking geometric shapes. The sculpture looks really great with other unique vases that are different shapes.

tepati-metal-sculpture  tepati-metal-sculpture (1)

I love this foliage welded bowl. I love how each disc is a different shape. This bowl will look great on your dining room table or a coffee table. You can also add decorative balls inside the bowl to complete the look.

foliage-welded-bowl  foliage-welded-bowl (1)

What decorative piece is your favorite? If you could purchase one or more of these items right now, what would you choose?


8 thoughts on “CB2 Wishlist

  1. I can’t believe you live near a CB2 – I am envious! Most of the stuff in our apartment is from there. We’re actually currently looking for a new bedroom set and some office furniture, so of course I get stuck looking at all the graphic rugs and the decorative stuff – I would love any of the sculpture items that you posted!

    1. Many, many miles away…8 hour drive. But I’m hoping to shop there when we go to Minneapolis this summer. Overstock is also great for bedroom sets, rugs, and office furniture. You should check it out! Plus free shipping.

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