Rio 2 Movie

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Can you guess what Katie’s favorite movie is? Well, it used to be Ice Age. That all changed when she got the movie Rio for Christmas. Katie absolutely loves it. Whenever we ask her what she wants to watch, she says, ‘Rio.’ There are times we try to change Katie’s mind to watch something else. She’s usually fine with that. The next time Katie asks again, we usually let her watch Rio.

Sophia loves the movie Rio too. Maybe not as much as Katie does, but she is only 1 years old. Sophia loves to watch the birds sing and dance. She’ll even point at the screen and talk about it. You’ll have to check out this short video of Katie and Sophia watching Rio. They are both talking about the movie, but Sophia’s reaction is so cute and funny.

So when we heard that Rio 2 was coming into theatres April 11, we knew we had to go. And of course we did. We thought we would go as a family since both girls loved Rio. Grandma also joined us just in case Sophia didn’t want to sit still for the movie.

Here is Katie and I before the movie started. We had our snacks (dollar store) all ready for the movie. Daddy also bought us some popcorn to enjoy during the movie.


And the movie started! Sophia didn’t want to sit still, but she ended up falling asleep in Grandma’s arms. So Grandma was still able to watch most of the movie. Throughout the movie, Katie was saying, ‘Rio’ and was talking about everything going on in the movie. She was having so much fun!


Overall, I thought Rio 2 was a good movie. We will be definitely buying this movie when it comes out on Blue-ray. It is a great movie for your kids to watch. Katie approved of the movie and so will your kids. Will you be seeing this movie with your kids?

Do your kids love Rio? What is their favorite movie?

4 thoughts on “Rio 2 Movie

  1. I am such a big kid at heart that this movie would have been right up my alley. Glad your little ones (who are absolutely adorable) enjoyed it. I can’t recall if I’ve seen the first one, for some reason Rango came to mind but I will see if I can grab Rio on Netflix and then check out Rio 2

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