Leopard Top + Gold Statement Necklace

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It has been awhile since I wrote a post on Fashion Friday, but I am back today featuring couple of my finds this summer.

Late this summer, I was looking for new tops to wear for the Fall. I wanted to add warmer tops to my wardrobe. Have you been looking for some new looks for this Fall too?

I found this leopard top at Forever 21. I knew it would be a perfect top to wear for Fall plus of course I love leopard spots. I love the length of the sleeves. When I’m chasing my two girls around my house, thicker sweaters get too warm for me. This leopard top is the perfect length and thickness.

Also this summer, during one of my many visits to TJ Maxx, I was walking by the jewelry section. I suddenly had to stop, because I saw something that caught my eye. There were couple statement necklaces on display. The necklaces had the same design and came in silver and gold. I really wanted the gold statement necklace. A gold statement necklace has been on my wishlist for awhile. This gold necklace was perfect. I love the shape of the necklace. I’m a big fan of jewelry that has geometric shapes.


 When I put this leopard top and gold statement necklace on, I loved how it looked. The necklace is a perfect fit with the top since the top has a higher neckline. This leopard top and gold statement necklace is by far one of my favorite looks for this Fall. I also wore my skinny jeans and coral flats plus my bracelets and watch.



What do you think of the leopard top and gold statement necklace together?

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