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Excuses: No Time to Exercise

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Have you told yourself the excuse – I don’t have time to exercise? We’ve probably said it lots of times. We may be super busy as Moms or at a job and can’t find the time to exercise. Plus, who wants to exercise after having a long day and all worn out?

But the thing is, sometimes we have to tell ourselves that we just need to put our foot down and exercise. There may not be a ‘perfect’ time, but we can still do it.

I’ve told myself that I didn’t have enough time to exercise. I’m busy with my two girls all day and by the end of the day, I just wanted to relax. Plus I couldn’t get away to go to the gym.

Below are 4 ways to turn the excuse to an actually reality.

  1. Get motivated. At the end of year, I was motivated to start exercising in my own home.
  2. Make a goal. I made a goal to lose 15-20 pounds (the last baby weight hanging around).
  3. Create a plan. I created a plan to workout 3 times per week.
  4. Get started. I started exercising at the new year.


For my first 8 weeks of working out, I used an app on my Amazon Fire TV called Daily Workouts. The app can also be installed on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

My first workout (10 minutes each) consisted of abs, arms, and cardio exercises. My second workout (10 minutes each) consisted of leg and cardio exercises. My third workout (10 minutes each) consisted of butt and cardio exercises.

At 9 weeks, I started doing yoga for 30-45 minutes on my husband’s P90X dvds. I am currently on my 3rd week of doing yoga. I love how the yoga is making me feel. I am strengthening my core and the positions helps stretch my muscles.

I kept track of my workouts to help me stay motivated. I removed sweets from my diet and watched how much I ate. I ate until I was satisfied not full. I ate protein and fruit for an after workout snack. Below is an example of my protein shake for my after workout snack.


After 10 weeks of working out, I have made it to my 15 pounds weight loss. Yay me! Below are few before and after pictures of my weight loss journey.


After 6 weeks workout

After 10 weeks workout

What’s your excuse? What’s stopping you from exercising and starting your own workout routine? You can do it. I know you can. I did.

And so did my friend Carrie. Next week, check out her weight loss journey while being a Mom.

12 thoughts on “Excuses: No Time to Exercise

  1. I am not as goal oriented as you, but do know that I would like to lose a few pounds before short season begins.

    When I am watching tv, I will drop and do some sit ups, squats, pushups, etc.

    I try to incorporate it into my day. When I go up or down steps, I keep my posture up, lift my knees higher and make sure that I take deep breaths.

    It is not a workout routine, but it is more than I was doing before ;).

    1. That is a great way to start. You are still trying to do what you can. I remember when my girls were younger, there were times that I put them in a Moby wrap so I could walk on the treadmill. I did what I could at the time.

  2. Sometimes I found that it works better to just do little random bursts of exercise. When my babies are really little, I find that by the time I put on workout clothes and shoes and put my hair up in a ponytail, time’s up and the baby’s screaming. So I just do 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks and pushups and stuff in my PJs. Exercise gets done, either way. I figure that’s a good way to start, although I do prefer when they’re older and I can do a “proper” workout.

    1. Each person needs to find what works for them. I agree that when your kids are really little, it’s hard to get a longer exercise in. In the past, I have put my babies in a Moby wrap while I walked on the treadmill. Plus the movement of me walking put them to sleep.

    1. Sometimes when you miss a workout and stray away from your routine, it’s easy for that time of not working out become longer and longer. All you need to do is get the motivation back again! 🙂

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