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4 Creative Storage Ideas


Do you need some creative storage ideas? Do you run out of space for storage and don’t know where to store it? I have some ideas for you.

This post was inspired by an article I read on Better Homes and Gardens on Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces.

Below are four creative storage ideas:

1. Add a 5-tier shelf to a space. The shelf can be placed flat against the wall or slightly at an angle. Place decorative boxes, glass jars, and cups on the shelves filled with storage ideas. Add other decorative pieces on the shelves. I have a 5 tiered shelf in my living room and love it. I have some boxes that look like books that I can store items in.


2. Add floating shelves. Floating shelves adds interest to your wall. The shelves can be any shape you want – flat, square, triangle, or rectangle. Plus you will now have more floor space below the floating shelves to add something such as a basket with blankets or pillows. Couple floating shelves would look great in my office. I could add books, some storage containers, and small decor.


3. Add a shelf above a counter top. The shelf will give you extra storage of any items you need in a certain space. Plus it gives you more room on the counter top. Place any items used often on top of the shelf. A floating shelf would look great in my kitchen. I could add items on top such as my baking jars to decorate the shelf up a little bit more.


4. Hang items on picture frames and place on walls. Add decorative colors and patterns to the frame to create extra interest. Place items such as jewelry or makeup on display. You will save counter space and will also show off some of your items.


Which of these creative storage ideas are you going to try next? Be sure to check out more ideas to try on Better Homes and Gardens‘ website.

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