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5 Kitchen Refresh Ideas

Does your kitchen need updated in your home? Do you need a refreshed look? I have several ideas for you.

This post was inspired by an article I read on Better Homes and Gardens on Kitchen Decorating Ideas.

Below are five kitchen refresh ideas:

1. Add decorations above cabinets. It is easy to forget the space above your cabinets. By adding decorations above cabinets, it gives your kitchen a little more flair. Plus you won’t be taking up counter space. Pick something that won’t be easily hidden.

2. Display stylish artwork. Hanging artwork on your kitchen walls can give you a collective flair or an elegant touch. You can pick a theme such as food or coffee or even a picture that you would hang in your living room and dining room.

3. Add a splash of color. Paint your island or pantry door to give your kitchen a quick pick me up. Pick a bright color or a color that ties in with your accessories in your kitchen.

4. Add a seating area. Find barstools that make a statement. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Pick something that isn’t typical, but is still comfortable so you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in your kitchen.

5. Create a garden space. Add plants to liven up your kitchen. You can add them in your kitchen window or place several pots in a tray close to your window.

Which of these kitchen ideas are you going to use to refresh your kitchen? Be sure to check out more ideas on Better Homes and Gardens‘ website.

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