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Hot Chocolate Station Area

Who loves hot chocolate? What kind is your favorite – regular, peppermint, etc?

I’ve been surfing Pinterest and I saw several ideas for hot chocolate station areas. I saw one idea for a station with a three-tier round stand.

After seeing the stand and the other ideas, I was inspired to create my own hot chocolate station area in my own kitchen.

So when I went to Target (as I always do), I was on a look out some sort of tier stand and a cute hot chocolate cup. I was in luck. I found a gold two-tier stand that would work perfectly. I also found a fun snowman cup to add to the hot chocolate station area.

My Keurig coffee maker was already in the spot I wanted. I just moved my coffee pods down and placed the two-tier stand in its place instead. On the top shelf I placed the hot chocolate pods, marshmallows, and peppermint. On the bottom shelf I placed the snowman cup and several Christmas cups.

One of my main reasons for creating this hot chocolate station is because my daughter, Sophia, loves hot chocolate. She would have it year round of she could. Now whenever Sophia wants a cup of hot chocolate, everything is easy to grab. She has already had several cups of hot chocolate this winter and it won’t be her last.

I was looking in the home section at Target and I found these super cute salt and pepper hot chocolate shakers on clearance. Don’t they work perfect in my hot chocolate station?

What do you think of my hot chocolate station area in my kitchen? Do you have a hot chocolate station in your kitchen? If so, I’d love to see a picture!

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