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New Tradition – Christmas Star from Afar

I mentioned in my Christmas traditions post about my family’s new tradition for this year. It’s the Christmas Star from Afar activity.

We found this activity at Barnes and Noble. We wanted an activity where our girls could celebrate the birth of Jesus. We thought our girls would enjoy this and that it would be fun.

We wrapped up the activity and let our girls open the present. We wanted the activity to be even more special than just handing them the box. Our girls were pretty excited to open a present early.

We started out by reading the Christmas star story in the book. The story tells about a star the three wise men found and started to follow on a long journey that lend them to baby Jesus. After the story, we explained what we needed to do for the activity.

We hid the Christmas star in our living room. Each of my girls had a wise man and they went to look for the star. Once they found the star, they placed their wise man by the star.

Every day after school, we hide the Christmas star in a different spot and the wise men follow the star. Eventually the star will end up above the nativity stable on Christmas and the three wise men will met the baby Jesus.

My girls love to play with the wooden pieces. They pretend the angel is talking to the shepard. Elizabeth’s favorite pieces are the sheep. They also love to make up stories with the character pieces and add in other toys that interact with the pieces.

We have the nativity scene set up on top of a bookshelf where my girls can play with the character pieces anytime. It’s a nice location to see the stable every day as a remember about the story of the birth of Jesus.

You can find this activity at Barnes and Noble or on the Christmas Star from Afar website. What do you think of this Christmas star activity? Would this be something you would do with your children?

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