The Circus is in our House!

Does it ever feel like a circus in your house? Do you have kids who like to act like animals?

My daughter, Sophia, and I recently had a daughter and mommy time together and we had to do it again.

Katie was in school, so it was just Sophia, Elizabeth, and myself. Sophia wanted their circus tent set up in their bedroom. I put it up and let Sophia and Elizabeth do whatever they wanted inside. They were crawling in circles, hugging each other, kissing each other (or trying to), etc.


Sophia and Elizabeth were having so much fun being silly and hanging off of each other. They were even peaking out of the tent at me. I loved seeing this special bonding time as sisters for Sophia and Elizabeth.


At one point they started acting like wild animals. I took out my phone to record them as they were acting like tigers and roaring.

After that I crawled inside the tent and was silly with them. They went all over me and we took silly pictures together.

Do your kids like to act silly too and pretend to be wild animals? Do they have fun in a tent or fort?

This post is part of a post series called Life of Parenthood, which is on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children to featuring mommy bloggers.

18 thoughts on “The Circus is in our House!

  1. That tent is too cool! I only have one right now, but I can’t wait until he has siblings I play with, this just warms my heart!

  2. Awwh, they looked like they had fun. To bad they didn’t have a bigger one for the backyard and get there stuffed animals and have a real circus ha ha. That would of been cute. I enjoyed looking at all the cute photos though.

  3. We have that same tent! Gaia is 7 now and it still gets used! We have been trying to honor the little moments lately. As a travel writer, we do lots of visiting to far away places and while they are amazing, we recognize that some of the most special moments are just sitting at home laughing and playing.

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