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Christmas Presents are Wrapped!

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Have you seen my Christmas decorations yet? If not, you can see my decorations here.

Last week, I didn’t have any Christmas presents wrapped, but now a majority of them are! All that I have left are few packages I’m waiting for in the mail.

For my girls’ presents, I bought a roll of Frozen wrapping paper and a package of snowflake tags at Target. I thought the snowflake tags would work perfectly with the Frozen wrapping paper. The Frozen theme goes with my girls’ Christmas stockings.


For the other presents, I used the three rolls of wrapping paper I had leftover last year in black, red, and white. I bought new ribbons and tags in gold and silver from Target. I still have some wrapping paper left for the other presents that I still need to wrap, but I may need to buy another roll for any bigger sized packages. I love how the presents turned out. The ribbons look great against the wrapping paper.




What did you think of my wrapped presents? What are your color themes for your presents this year?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Presents are Wrapped!

  1. Congrats on getting it all done! My daughter loves Frozen. I am custom making an ornament for her this year featuring Elsa. I have not even started wrapping this year yet. I will be locking myself in my bedroom over the weekend to get it done.

  2. Your tree decorations are lovely as are your wrapped presents. I’m sure your family will appreciate all your hard work during this holiday season. I too posted a photo of my tree (looks very bad) with all the wrapped gifts sitting underneath. It’s a festive time of year and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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