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Organized Home Schedule

For the past month, I have been on a weekly schedule. Before I started, all my tasks fell behind. Now I feel much better that things are getting done. It feels great to have a cleaner house.

If you would like to check out my blog post I wrote before starting my schedule, you can check it out here.

Most of my tasks are on Monday – Thursday. On Friday, I finish anything that I wasn’t able to finish the first four days. I leave the weekend free, so I can enjoy it. I also have a list of tasks I want done on each level of the house, which includes any organizing or deep cleaning.

It helps knowing what needs to be done each day. I focus on those tasks and cross them off as they are completed. If I have extra time, I work on other areas of the house. This way, I don’t have to worry about every single item I have to do. I know that I have a day set aside to work on different things.

What did I use to organize my weekly schedule? I was thinking about creating a fancy list to hang in my kitchen, but I decided against it. I wanted something simple, something I wold only have to write down once. Plus, this day and age is all about technology. There are so many apps out there to help organize different lists.

I chose to use Android’s calendars application. You can add tasks on the application. I can separate my tasks into groups. I can also change the order of the groups and the items in each group.

Below are my tasks separated into different groups:

-Pick up/clean master bedroom
-Laundry – darks
-Clean out fridge
-Kitchen floors
-Buy groceries

-Laundry – whites
-Update finances
-Pay bills
-Clean bathrooms

-Pick up/clean girls’ room
-Laundry – girls
-Dining room/living room floors
-Dust dining room/living room

-Laundry – towels
-Vacuum stairs
-Clean office
-Meal plan

-Laundry – jeans


M – F

-Sweep kitchen floor
-Tidy up

-Change sheets
-Deep clean/organize

Below are few of the items I have on my list for each floor of my house:

-Organize hallway closet
-Organize master bedroom closet
-Wash comforter

Main Floor
-Organize/clean cupboards
-Clean fridge
-Organize bathroom closet
-Clean out entryway closet
-Clean doors
-Clean windows
-Clean lights/fans

-Clean washer/dryer
-Clean laundry room
-Organize closets
-Clean floors

This schedule has made my life easier. I hope you can use it for your own house and change it accordingly to what works best for you.

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