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Fruit Wraps

I started making fruit wraps for my two-year-old daughter, Katie, and myself. Katie is hit and miss on eating certain fruit. It depends on the mood she is in. One way that I can get her to eat more than few pieces of fruit is to add it to a wrap. She loves it and scarfs it down.
The fruit wraps are great for breakfast or a snack. You can add whatever fruit you have in your house. It will taste good no matter what fruit is inside.
Below are close-ups of some of the wraps that I have made:
Fruit Wraps
Serving size: 1
1 tortilla
cream cheese (plain, strawberry, or any other fruit flavor)
sliced almonds
chocolate chips
1. Spread cream cheese on tortilla.
2. Sprinkle granola, sliced almonds, chocolate chips, and chopped fruit on tortilla.
3. Roll up and enjoy!

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