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Love Your Body

There are so many changes that comes with motherhood. One of them being your body. It’ll never be the same like before you had kids.

One thing about the change of your body is how you perceive yourself. Do you accept the way you look no matter if you lost all the baby weight or not?

It is important to love your body that you are in now. The size of your body doesn’t matter. Be confident in the way you look. If you are happy with who you are, it’ll show on the outside.

Below are 16 ways you can learn to love your body:

1. Be proud of your strong body.
2. Find your own body-loving path.
3. Set an example with your body image.
4. Appreciate all the things your body can do.
5. Step off the scale.
6. Be your body’s best friend.
7. Realize that fitness is not about skinny jeans or skinny-girl stereotypes.
8. Think of yourself as a movie star.
9. Dare to not compare your body.
10. Accept your body type.
11. Fight your inner perfectionist.
12. Celebrate your weight-loss success.
13. Care for your body so that it can care for you.
14. Let go of weight-loss worries.
15. Focus on what helps you feel good.
16. Find the right routine for you.

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