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Budget Decorating

So do you have a room that needs a lift in the look? Would even a few changes make a difference? If you are like me, you don’t want to spend $500 – $1000 on a makeover. The bank would definitely break.

Do you want to know how to decorate a room without breaking the bank? I found 30 budget decorating tips + tricks in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine, August 2013, p 47-55. Below are 10 tips + tricks that stuck out for me.

1. Paint Power. Use a two-tone paint to create some structure. Use a light and dark shade from the same paint chip.

2. Easy Upgrade. Add a basket to hold books to give your same-old ottoman a new look.

3. Double Play. Look for throw pillows with different designs on the front and back. You can change up the look.

4. Curtain Call. Make any room warm and inviting with floor-length curtains.

5. Memory Lane. Display mementos like your baby’s first shoes in a shadow box. It’s amazing how great even ordinary things look behind glass.

6. Pin it Down. Hang a large fabric-covered corkboard and pin up family photos and kids’ creations.

7. Pretty and Practical. Decorate with everyday items. Fill glass jars with colorful grains from the bulk food aisle. Lined up on a shelf, they look like art.

8. Color Courage. It’s easier to go bold with color on a piece of furniture than on walls. Choose a color and paint.

9. Good Buys. The best place to look for quality furniture on a budget is thrift stores. If the bones are good, you can always update with paint or fabric.

10. Deep Discounts. Stores such as Hobby Lobby has extraordinary end-of-season sales where items are marked down 75-80% off. Check out stores’ mobile apps for even more savings.

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