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Kitchen Sink: Before and After

Over this weekend, we put in a new kitchen sink, faucet, garbage disposal, and new pipes. Why? We weren’t updating our kitchen because we wanted to; we needed to. Of course eventually we want to do a whole remodel of our kitchen. But that is for another time down the road.

Below is before and after pictures of our kitchen sink.


Here is what happened:

Water started taking a long time draining down the kitchen sink. It got to a point where it prevented me from hand washing the dishes. Last weekend both sides of the sink was full. So I then took pitchers of water from the sink and drained it in the bathroom. The sink finally drained. I washed the dishes and after I was done, the water was back to where it was before.

I was able to cook throughout the week, but dishes began to pile up. The last meal I was able to cook was on Thursday. During the weekend, I have to find ways to make food without cooking. One lunch I made grilled cheese in the toaster oven and fruit. My husband even picked us up some food for some meals. We ordered two pizza and bread sticks from Papa Johns one night. We then have leftovers for the next day.

On Thursday night, my husband took buckets of water from the sink to the bathroom. He then took the pipes apart (with buckets underneath) to get rid of the rest of the water. Water gushed out – spraying him head to toe with dirty water.

We officially stopped using the water from the kitchen sink that night. We had to use the bathroom sink to wash off fruit and make bottle for my 10 month old, Sophia.

One thing we knew was that our garbage disposal was probably done for. It was so old. It was in the house when we bought it couple years ago. It was orange. It seems like anything orange is old.

This weekend, with the help of my in-laws, we were able to put in a kitchen sink that they gave us and the new garbage disposal. They tried to connect the pipes back together, but it was hard to do. The opening in the garbage disposal for the pipe was different in the old and new one. Plus the way the pipes were connected in the first place was screwy.

We ended up calling a plumber and he came and connected the pipes together. But when he was connecting the pipes to the sewer pipe, it moved. The sewer pipe shouldn’t move. He said the pipe had to be broken somewhere. He went to the basement where the pipe was located and he saw water gushing out and the wood was rotted.

My in-laws replaced the broken pipe with a new one. We currently have a whole in the wall and ceiling in the basement and wood paneling everywhere. We will get our basement updated in the spring. We will have to tear down the walls and wood paneling. We will add installation and sheet rock the walls. Our basement walls weren’t insulated. No wonder the basement is so cold in the winter.

The kitchen faucet was leaky, so we replaced that. Draining of the sink is still little slow, but we’re taking care of that issue by running a snake down the pipe in the basement. You should have seen what came out of the pipe. I now have all of the dishes washed and I was able to cook again last night. Cross your fingers for no other problems.

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