Fun in the Snow

On Sunday afternoon, Sophia spent some time with Grandma while we had some one on one time with Katie. She needed it so much.

It was so nice outside that day, nearly 30 degrees. It was a perfect day to play outside. So of course we took Katie outside to have some fun in the sun snow.

Katie loved it so much. She was crawling all over the front yard digging in the snow. Katie laid down in the snow and I showed her how to make a snow angel. She thought it was so cool. I even built Katie a little snowman and found things around the yard for the arms, face, and buttons.

Katie didn’t want to come inside when we were done. She was having so much fun. Katie ended up laying on the couch and took a big nap. I think she was worn out from all the fun.

Here are pictures of Katie enjoying her afternoon in the snow.

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