Hide and Seek


Do your kids love to play hide and seek? Change up the game by listening, sharing, and speaking.

1. Listen: Hide a cell phone or a music device with music playing at low volume. Your kids can use their listening skills to find the object.

2. Share: Your kids can take turns hiding an object/toy while the other one looks for it.

3. Speak: The seeker whispers a phrase to the first person they find. Then that person looks for another hider and whispers the phrase to them. At the end, you’ll see how the final phrase matches up with the original.

-Parents Magazine, January 2014, page 13

4 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. These are creative! When I have to count for Hide-and-Seek while my daughter hides, I like to count by 2s or 5s, just so she’ll have some familiarity with them when she learns them in school. Might as well throw in a little learning with the fun! 🙂

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