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Time to Tackle the Clutter


Do you have clutter lying around your house? Do you have problems getting rid of it? Does it seem like whatever you do, you can’t kept your house clutter free?

Well, I have solutions for you.

I know how it feels  to have clutter. I’m slowing tackling room by room to get things organized and how I want them. I know it can be a tough job.

I’m saving the biggest for last…the basement. The closet in the basement with baby stuff need organized. My laundry room is a mess. I have boxes of donations that I need to donate that I haven’t had a chance to actually donate. And that is only part of the basement that needs work. The best closet in the basement that is organized for the most part is my holiday closet. That’s about it.

So where do you start? Pick one room and start there. It will help you feel accomplished when you see one room completed than scattered areas of your house.

If there are items that you want donated, take it to your car right away to avoid extra boxes lying around your house.

Do you have problems with your fridge overflowing? Clean out your fridge just before you go grocery shopping. That way you won’t have food starting to smell.

Do you have problems finding time to declutter/organize? Take 15-30 minutes every day to tackle one or several organizational tasks. If it helps, set a reminder on your phone. You can be surprised how much you can get done in that time.

If you need anymore ideas on how to tackle your clutter, check it out on Better Homes and Gardens.


6 thoughts on “Time to Tackle the Clutter

  1. Oh man, this has been a year of donating for me so far. I just want to get rid of so much stuff that we have. I love the idea of taking 15-30 minutes a day to straighten up and organize!

  2. My biggest clutter problem is my garage. I have got to make myself take the time to go through so much in there. Ack! Your suggestion of taking a few minutes a day is the way to go for sure! Sharing the SITS love today. 😉

  3. I am so excited to tackle clutter. I think the starting is the hardest step. 🙂 I just purchased an Elf closet system and it’s going to be installed next week so I’m counting on that to help me get the clutter under control. At the very least I have to clean my closet now.

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