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Newly Decorated Kids Bathroom

Today is the first day of Tidy Tuesday. It is a weekly post series on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips.


We recently redecorated our upstairs bathroom. We use this bathroom for our girls since it has a bathtub. We wanted a look for kids, but still modern.

We found this duck artwork at Ikea last summer. We based our look for the bathroom around the colors in the artwork.

20140404_190003  20140404_190134

This past fall, I painted a painting for the bathroom. I used the colors from the rainbow, so it would tie into the duck artwork.


We placed a ceramic duck on the back of the toilet and placed washcloths inside the duck. The ceramic duck originally had flowers inside it when our oldest daughter, Katie, was born.


We went shopping at Target to get the rest of the supplies that we needed for the bathroom. We found a great look that we love that works well with each other.

20140404_190028  20140404_190208

20140404_190046  20140404_190125

20140404_190051  20140404_190015

My girls love the new look. Katie says the rug is pretty. Every time Sophia goes upstairs, she walks right to the bathroom.

What do you think of my newly decorated kids bathroom?

7 thoughts on “Newly Decorated Kids Bathroom

  1. Your girl is right! Who doesn’t like a chevron rug?! I really like the colors and details. It doesn’t scream kids but it’s still colorful and playful. We’re remodeling our kids bathrooms and I can’t wait to start decorating it!

    1. I love chevron too! I even have the pattern elsewhere in my house. We wanted the bathroom to still look modern. We didn’t want the bathroom to be very kidish. The idems we bought from Target was in the kids bathroom section. Excited to see your pictures!

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