A Day Full of Fun

The other day was a good day. I was able to get out of the house for about an hour in the afternoon. And did I mention that I was all by myself? I don’t get very much time to myself since I’m very busy with my two girls. I so enjoyed that hour of me time. I was able to get my hair cut and styled. You can check out the before and after here. While I was gone, my husband wrote a blog post on giving your wife a day off.

When I came home, my girls were still asleep. Yay! So I was able to get some work done for my part time job and do a little blog writing.

The day didn’t end there. Since it was so nice outside, my husband and I had to take our girls out to enjoy the rest of the evening.

We started out by eating at McDonald’s. McDonald’s is Katie’s favorite place to eat. She talks about it all of the time. We had to of course sit in the playland area. Katie played on the slide and had lots of fun. We gave her food in between turns on the slide. Sophia sat in a highchair and ate her happy meal. When she was finished eating, she was so excited to walk around. We helped her several times to go down the slide.

20140312_175627 20140312_175637


20140312_182844 20140312_183025


Next we decided to go for a treat at Cherry Berry. Who can’t say no to frozen yogurt? Katie loved eating out of the cup all by herself. Sophia didn’t like the coconut flavored one, but loved the watermelon frozen yogurt.


20140312_190516 20140312_190635

20140312_191321 20140312_191348

After getting a treat, we still had some time left of the evening. Plus Katie wasn’t quite ready to go back home. She was saying in the car, ‘No house.’ So we decided to go play with some trains at Barnes and Noble. B&N is one of our favorite places to go. What is even sweeter is that B&N has gotten a new train table about a month or so ago. New look and new trains. The girls love it. Sophia is loving playing with the trains more and more as she is getting older.


20140312_200911 20140312_200953

20140312_201022 20140312_201318

After a long fun evening, we went home and put the girls to bed. We are looking forward to more fun evenings this Spring and Summer!

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