Sophia – Year 1 Album


On February 19, Sophia turned 1 years old. It was time for me to continue my tradition of creating a photo album on I have also created an album after Sophia’s 1.5 months.

I started this tradition with my oldest daughter, Katie and I want to continue the tradition for as long as possible. You can check out my post on Katie’s year 2 album.

This weekend I started Sophia’s year 1 album. I found a great sale to get 50% off of your photo books plus free shipping on orders of $30+. This is the best time to buy. I found the perfect theme to use. It was actually a Valentine’s Day theme, but I really liked the colors of the backgrounds and the embellishments. I finished my final touches on the album this afternoon and ordered my books. I can’t wait for the albums to arrive!

Check out Sophia’s year 1 album. Also check out Sophia’s 1.5 months album to see how much she has changed.

Do you create an album for your children? Check out and create your own album. There are a number of possibilities of what you can create.

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