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Picks From H&M


H&M! Oh how much I love thee! Do you love H&M as much as I do?

Few years ago I have discovered how much I love the store H&M. I wish we had one where I live. The closest one is in the cities in MN.

Whenever my husband and I go to the cities, we have to stop by H&M and shop! Besides having great men and women sections, I love their children’s section. When we were in the cities last summer, we found lots of great clothes for our girls. What I love even more about H&M is their decent prices.

I was surfing H&M’s website the other day and found some tops and accessories that I would want in my closet. I thought I would share with you my finds.

hmprod hmprod (1)

hmprod (2) hmprod (3)

hmprod (4) hmprod (5)

 What is your favorite of my picks?

If you would like to purchase any of these items, you can find them here: 1. white polka dotted top; 2. black polka dotted top; 3. white or grey lace top; 4. gold earrings; and 5. gold bracelet.

Have fun shopping!

12 thoughts on “Picks From H&M

  1. OMG I LOVE H&M… It is by far one of my places to shop (I think my Hubby likes it even more then I do!!) Those lace tops are amazing!! How perfect for spring??

  2. I love H&M. And lace. And polka dots. These picks are spot on for me—and I totally agree: their kids section is SO CUTE!

    I picked up matching organic cotton dresses for my girls there last summer for $5 each. We’ve layered them all winter and I have to say, for inexpensive dresses they totally hold up to frequent wearings!

  3. You have no idea how much I love H & M. I discovered it when I lived in London back in 2000. It hadn’t hit the big cities, except, of course, NYC. I remember stocking up then. Now that it is in L.A., it is one of my go-to places, although I have noticed a difference in what they offer here vs. Europe. Either way, their clothes is adorable and affordable. I am definitely going to be shopping there for ShuGar Boy! My picks are definitely the polka dots. Love them!

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