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The Love of Cupcakes


Who can’t resist the taste of a good cupcake? Can you imagine biting into a tasty cupcake and licking the frosting off of your fingers? Mmm…now I want a cupcake right now. How about you?

One person I know that really loves cupcakes is my daughter, Katie. Every now and then she’ll talk about cupcakes. She even has a cupcake hat and cupcake pajamas. Katie just loves cupcakes!

This week Katie asked for a cupcake. Well, we didn’t have any at home. So we went to Barnes and Nobles to enjoy a cupcake. Their cupcakes are so good! Especially the red velvet and pumpkin spice ones.

Here is Katie enjoying her red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. She was so excited that she was getting a cupcake when we told her.


I have a hunch that Katie is going to ask about cupcakes this week. I knew I had to do something about that. Since I don’t have much time to bake any cupcakes right now, I thought that I would buy Katie a dozen of mini red velvet cupcakes from Target.

I placed them on a cake stand and put them on display in my kitchen. Katie hasn’t seen these cupcakes yet since we hid them from her when we bought them last night. We’ll see what she says this morning. I know she’ll want one right away.


Do you love cupcakes as much as Katie does? Are you going to go eat a cupcake now?

6 thoughts on “The Love of Cupcakes

  1. I have a love of cupcakes, but since I am on the low carb diet for my epilepsy, I have a broken heart from them! Have Katie enjoy a cupcake for me. Those red velvets look delicious!

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