The Circus Adventure


Raise your hand if you love going to the circus with your kids! It is a fun experience for kids of all ages. You get to see all sorts of acts plus animals.

This weekend, the Shrine Circus was in town! My husband and I decided to start our weekend out with a little adventure. We took our girls to the circus for their first experience.

Katie and Sophia loved the circus! They were both clapping their hands. It was so cute watching Sophia clapping her hands. Katie and Sophia loved the bright lights, tigers, elephants, and the motorcycles the best. Katie was cheering them on during certain moments. At one point, when the ring master said that the motorcycles were going around one more time on the ramp, Katie yelled, ‘One more time!’

20140328_192502 20140328_193732

20140328_200012 20140328_210035

Overall, our girls loved the circus. They had so much fun! We are definitely going to take them there again when they are little bit older.

What kind of adventure did you go on this weekend?

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