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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Today is another day of the All You Need is Love Project by Carmen at ShuGar Love.

Have you been enjoying this project? I sure have! Carmen, myself, and few others have been taking part in this project. I love seeing other bloggers’ take on these questions. If you are a blogger, you can still join us each week. If you are just joining us for the first time for this project, you can see all the past topics here.

This week’s topic is: What does love smell like to you? Share a photo of a scent you adore. Check out last week’s topic.

If I had to choose a scent I love, it would be coffee. How about you? I love walking down the coffee aisle in the grocery store and take in the aroma of all the different smells of the coffee.


Whenever I make myself a cup of coffee, I love to lift the cup to my nose and take a big sniff. Mmm. Some of my favorite smells of coffee that I’ve tried are peppermint mocha, coconut macaroon, and red velvet. What is your favorite?


What does love smell like to you? What is your favorite aroma?

9 thoughts on “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

  1. Oh, This is a good one! As I enjoy my 3rd Nespresso! Sometimes in the evening… I fantasize about my morning coffee. Yes, that is love. You captured it perfectly. Love to you!

  2. I’m personally not a coffee drinker — I don’t like the taste — but I loooooove the smell. When I was younger, the grocery store we’d shop at had a section of fresh coffee beans that you could withdraw and put through a grinder to fill a bag of fresh grounds. I always stopped in front of that section, even if my mom and sister kept walking, and just inhaled a few times. So yummy!

    1. I used to not like coffee before either. When I started drinking coffee, I would drown the coffee flavor with creamer. Now I don’t mind the taste, but I couldn’t drink a cup of black coffee.

  3. I can tell you I seriously miss coffee these past nine months. I would die for a nice cup from Starbucks right about now. There’s nothing like waking up to a nice smell of coffee and inspiring you to get some word done. My fave is caramel or vanilla!

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