Mint + Coral Necklace

Fashion Friday is a weekly post series on the subject of fashion and beauty. I’ll talk about items that I find or want for my wardrobe to ways to beautify yourself to featuring fashion bloggers.


When it comes to necklaces, I love statement necklaces. I love wearing a bold necklace rather than a very simple necklace. I love necklaces that adds more interest to an outfit. What type of necklace do you like best?

As some of you may know, I really love the colors mint and color. You could say I’m obsessed with them. Mint and coral is starting to show up in my wardrobe. I couldn’t help but fall in love with those colors.

So the other day when I was browsing the jewelry section in JC Penney, I saw this Mixit mint, coral, and white stoned necklace. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, but when I saw this necklace, I really wanted it. It had the colors I loved, so I knew I had to buy it.



What did I wear with this necklace? Since there are a lot of colors in the necklace, I wore a black lace top and jean capris. I wanted the colors of the necklace to speak for itself. I also wore gold jewelry and gold flats to accent the necklace.


What do you think of the necklace I bought at JC Penney?

15 thoughts on “Mint + Coral Necklace

  1. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again today 🙂

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