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Guest Post: Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Last month I received a message from Kevin who works for looking at contributing a guest post on my blog.

Modernize is a place to find inspiration for your home. You can find ideas for many areas of your home for remodeling, decorating, and other ideas.

Today on the blog, Modernize is guest posting on my blog on several cool kitchen storage ideas. The post is written by Jane Blanchard.


No matter how big your kitchen is, it seems like there’s never enough storage space. The best way to combat this? Organize! Read on for some of our favorite ideas to implement for a wonderfully organized and fabulous kitchen.

1. Vintage China Cabinet

Use a vintage dresser or armoire to organize and stylishly display your china, coffee mugs, and even cookbooks. You’ll have everything in one place and it will get rid of the clutter on kitchen counters. You can even paint the dresser to match the decor of your kitchen. You’ll not only be adding storage — you’ll be adding personality.

2. Spice Storage

Rather than keeping all your bottles of spices in a cupboard taking up space that could be used for larger items, put up a backsplash on a wall near your stove. Buy spice bottles with a magnet attached to the bottom of the jar, then add a magnetic strip to the backsplash. Your spices are easily accessible and you don’t have to search through a cupboard to find what you need.

3. Space for Glassware

Shelving can be attached to the exterior side of cabinets to store glassware or other items you want easy access to. If you have a window over your kitchen sink with cabinets on either side, this is also a good way to utilize unused space.

4. Long Cutting Board

Place a long cutting board over your sink, and you’ve just created a whole new cooking prep area. Any vegetable peels or discards can go right into the disposal.

5. Rolling Carts

A rolling cart constructed of wood or metal with built in shelving is a good way to keep staples that you use frequently in a handy, mobile place. The cart can be rolled next to the stove or to a kitchen island so that everything is accessible.

6. Inside Shelving

A shelving system with multiple shelves that can fit inside your kitchen cabinets is a good way to stack dishes, cups, and saucers. The shelving provides you with more cabinet space and makes it easier to reach your dishes.

7. Magnetic Knife Rack

Knives take up a lot of space in drawers, and knife blocks do the same thing on counters. Put up a magnetic knife rack on the wall next to your stove so you can see all your knives at a glance, and you won’t have to rummage through drawers looking for your paring knife.

White kitchen with retro vintage burgundy oven

8. Using Corner Space

A built-in storage space can be a place for your microwave or other small appliances. Shelving above can store glassware, cookbooks, or other small items.

Take advantage of some or all of these cool storage ideas, and you’ll have your kitchen organized and looking great in no time. For more kitchen ideas check out Modernize!

Do you use any of these storage solutions in your kitchen? What will you be adding to your kitchen to help you organize your space?

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Cool Kitchen Storage Ideas

  1. I love the repurposed armoire idea! Finding storage solutions is always great for clearing the counters of clutter, and I love this one.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday.

  2. I’ve been wanting a magnetic knife rack for a long time! Just can’t find the right one for my kitchen area, which is, of course, small. Great ideas!!

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