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Black Five Wishlist

Fashion Friday is a weekly post series on the subject of fashion and beauty. I’ll talk about items that I find or want for my wardrobe to ways to beautify yourself to featuring fashion bloggers.


I recently discovered the fashion company, Black Five. They sell clothing, shoes and accessories such as jewelry and bags. Have you bought anything from Black Five? What is your favorite type of item to browse?

Black Five has a 2014 Fall Collection with some of the trends for this Fall. What do you love from the collection? I’m a big fan of wool coats and this plaid woolen coat is by far one of my favorites from the collection. I love the shape and the pattern of the coat. I just wish the coat came in my size.

Plaid Woolen Coat

I was browsing Black Five’s jewelry and I found several pieces that I would love to have in my jewelry collection. There is always room for more necklaces and bracelets.

I really love this black geometric statement necklace. I love the shape of the necklace and color of the necklace would look well with pretty much any top. The necklace would dress up an outfit by adding a bold statement to the look. I also love the gold and purple necklace. The necklace would look great with high neckline black or white top.

Gold-Plated Black Glaze Necklace

Gold-Plated Purple Geometric Pendant Necklace

I love this black and gold bracelet. I really love the gold studs that are on the bracelet. I love the different colors of the jewels on the second bracelet. The blue, teal, and white look perfect together.

Elasticated Gold-Rivets Bracelet

Gunmetal-Plated Diamante Bracelet

What did you think of my picks from Black Five? Which one(s) are your favorite?

6 thoughts on “Black Five Wishlist

  1. That coat! I really have been looking for a neat coat for this fall. I did just buy an inexpensive pea coat in a fun color, but I want something I can wear to church or to the theater, etc. and is a little more classy. This coat would be it! I also really love that purple/gold necklace.

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