Happy 6th Birthday Katie!

Last weekend was my daughter, Katie’s 6th birthday.

I still can’t believe she’s 6 years old. It seems like not long ago she was born into this world and made my husband and I parents.

Katie had a Superhero themed party at Space Aliens. She had a few of friends from school at the party and they all had a blast. Here is Katie with her new Super Girl doll from her Grandma.

For Katie’s birthday, we spent a fun day at home. For breakfast, I made Mickey Mouse waffles. And of course, we had to put 6 candles on her waffle. Katie had her new doll and barbies sit next to her while she ate.

I decorated the dining room table with Superhero Girls decorations to make it fun for Katie’s special day.

We had a picnic for lunch and watched one of Katie’s favorite Disney movie – Moana. To make the movie watching experience even better, Katie and I built her new Moana lego set. She built most of the set by herself.

Katie wore a Super Hero Girls crown while eating dinner. To end the night with a bang, Katie and Sophia had a fun time playing Katie’s new hatchimal game. They had to play the game more than once.


3 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Katie!

  1. Happy Late Birthday to Katie! The pictures all are extra cute! I love that she had a superhero party! I love her superhero picture! She looks like a super girl! Seeing her baby pictures and her now 6 year old picture makes you realize just how fast they can grow up! I hope she enjoyed her birthday!

    1. Thanks! Katie sure had lots of fun. I know! I can definitely tell the difference in her preschool first day of school photo compared to her kindergarten first day of school photo. Lots of growing up in that year.

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