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Holiday Men’s Style – The Black Tux

The holiday season is approaching. Along with the holidays comes parties.

Is the man in your life ready for a special occasion? Is he out of options in his closet or don’t know what to wear for a party?

Do you need a suit or tux? Where do you go to find one?

I have an option for you – The Black Tux.

You can rent a suit or tux for your upcoming holiday party at The Black Tux. Rentals start at $95 and delivery and returns are free.

Well, I happy to help announce The Black Tux holiday party collection along with a guide on what to wear. And us ladies have options too.

Blue Shawl Tuxedo

Emerald Shawl Tuxedo

Grey Mélange Tuxedo

Grey Bound Tuxedo

Which is your favorite? Couple of my favorites are the classic gray and blue suits. You can never go wrong with the classic colors.

Check out the holiday party style guide. Below are some guidelines so you can dress your best for your upcoming holiday party.

Is the man in your life interested in checking the holiday party collection or any other stylish suit or tux?

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