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Christmas Trees – Past 7 Years

November has come and gone. Now we are in the month of December and it’s officially the Christmas season. Raise your hand if your house was already (mostly or in the process) decorated for Christmas before December?

Me! I started around the middle of November and finished my final touches on my house after Thanksgiving.

Before I share with you my decorated house for Christmas, I want to show you my Christmas trees from the past 7 years and a sneak peek at this year’s tree.

As I was looking through my decorated Christmas trees throughout the past years, It was fun seeing the differences.

In 2010, it was my husband’s and I first Christmas together before we got married on New Years Eve that year. This picture was taken in our apartment we had before we bought our house. I went with the classic red and silver colors for our tree.


In 2011, we bought our first house and had a baby girl, Katie, that October. I went with the classic red and silver again and added baby decorations to the tree.


In 2012, our cat knocked our Christmas tree down (and broke decorations) and I had to redecorate the tree again. After I redecorated the tree, I found out the lights didn’t work anymore.


In 2013, we had a second baby girl, Sophia, in February. We bought a new Christmas tree during Black Friday. We bought a frosted tree, which I really love. I decorated the Christmas tree with red and silver again. I started wrapping my presents more fancy that year. You can check out the rest of my house in 2013 here.


In 2014, I bought a new gray Christmas tree shirt. I added berry garland to change up decorations on the tree. You can check out the rest of my house in 2014 here.


In 2015, I wanted to change up the decorations on the Christmas tree. I went with the classic gold and silver. I had bought a box of clearanced ornaments that year before. I used ribbon as garland around the tree. I continued wrapping my gifts even more fancier. I love making my presents look pretty.


Last year in 2016, we had our third baby girl, Elizabeth, in April. For the Christmas tree, I continued the classic gold and silver decorations. I added more gold ornaments and ribbon.


This year, I wanted to add blue and white to my Christmas tree. I bought couple cases of blue and white ornaments clearanced last year. I also bought a new gold star tree topper. I haven’t wrapped the presents yet. I’m still on the look out for blue ribbon. Otherwise, I have already bought the wrapping paper.


Which tree is your favorite? What colors are you decorating your Christmas tree this year? Do you do a theme? I thought about getting another tree for another room and go with a candy theme.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Trees – Past 7 Years

  1. Your trees are absolutely beautiful! My favorite is 2016!! It’s perfect! 😍😍😍 I definitely need to step up my decorating game! 😁

  2. They’re all beautiful! But I’m loving 2015 the most for some reason. I’m envious of that nook by the stairs, what a perfect place for a tree!
    I had my first cat-astrope last year and why is it the irreplaceable ornaments are always the ones to get broken??? Sheesh.

    1. Thanks! I love gold and silver too! I love to find more gold and silver decorations to add to my Christmas collection. Of course, right?! After my tree got knocked over by my cat that year, I no longer put glass ornaments on my tree.

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