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Christmas Decorations 2017

Now that you have seen my Christmas trees from the past 7 years (plus this year’s), it’s time to check out my Christmas decorations in my house.

Are you excited? Let’s begin!

Let’s start in my front entryway. Welcome to my home. I bought the lighted tree at Kirkland’s last year. I bought the snowman and lamp post this year at Menards. The snowman is my daughter, Elizabeth’s, favorite since she loves snowman. Every time she sees it, she says, “Snowman!” Isn’t he a cute snowman?

As you enter my house, there is a set of stairs and a windowsill next to it. I hang our Christmas stockings below the window. Mickey and Minnie is of course my husband’s and mine. Katie’s is Anna, Sophia’s is Elsa, and Elizabeth’s has all three Frozen characters (I was hoping to find one with Olaf and I was in luck).

Next we go into my living room. My couch is decorated with gold pillows. I bought the gold and black pillows at CB2 and the gold and white pillows at Target. Behind my couch is a built-in bookshelf. My Christmas tree is in the corner by my stairs.

My built-in bookshelf has some of girls’ pictures plus their yearly album I make from Shutterfly. Katie’s 6 album is currently in the mail and I should receive it this week. On our shelf is our rock collection my girls have collected over the past couple years. What’s your favorite piece on the shelf?

Across from my couch is a 5-tier shelf and a window area. I decorated my window with hanging snowflakes.

On my 5-tier shelf, I have a shelf focused on each girl. My girls’ baby ornament is displayed on each of their shelves. Katie is on the first shelf. Couple of the ornaments she made herself. I haven’t received Katie’s Kindergarten picture yet to replace her Preschool photo. Sophia is on the second shelf. I have her Preschool picture displayed. I want to buy a bigger sized frame to put in the 8×10. Elizabeth is on the third shelf. The pictures of her are from a Valentine photoshoot with my husband. The Fa la-la la-la and snowflake decorations are from Target that I bought from their dollar section.

Now, let’s get back to my Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with blue, gold, silver and white. I bought the blue ornaments at Target last year on clearance. I bought the blue and white snowflake ornaments this year to add to the tree. Don’t mind the lights that are out in the middle of the tree. I think it’s time for a new tree. I’m going to find a new one at the end of the season for a discount. What do you think of the blue added to the Christmas tree?

I finished wrapping most of my presents this weekend. I find some cute wrapping paper (such as the snowmen) and other pretty ones to go with my theme of my Christmas tree. I bought a roll of blue ribbon and used gold, silver, and white ribbon that I still had from last year. How are you wrapping your presents this year?

Next is my dining room, which is more simple. The bowl in the middle of my table is filled with fragile ornaments that I don’t want little hands to grab. I also have snowman placemats to place on the table when we eat. Don’t you love the view of the snow outside? Do you have snow where you live?

Inside my office, I have my girls’ Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with purple, pink, blue, and red ornaments and is topped with our Mickey Santa topper. The tree topper plugs in and the lantern is lite and Mickey moves his arm up and down. I bought couple reindeer ornaments at Target this year.

The final area to visit is my kitchen. I added a hot cocoa area in my kitchen, which I especially did for my daughter, Sophia, who loves hot chocolate. I bought her a snowman cup to use whenever she has a cup of cocoa. I added silver ornaments inside my cake stand. I placed a silver bow and snowflake light on my kitchen window. I also added gold and red ornaments in a bowl on one of my black stools. I bought the three red lighted trees at Menards.

What’s your favorite area from my house? What’s your favorite decoration(s)?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations 2017

  1. Love, love, looooove your wrapping! I never thought to match it to the tree. Such a good idea! Mine totally clashes with my tree/living room. But I usually go with the $0.97 wrapping paper. 😂 No one really takes time to appreciate it anymore. They’re just excited for the presents inside!

    1. I totally know what you mean. I really enjoy making my presents look pretty. I usually buy the $5-$6 rolls because the paper is thicker and they have the lines printed inside for cutting.

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