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Christmas Traditions

What are your Christmas traditions this time of year? Do you try to do new traditions with your family?

My girls and I love to do many traditions together during the Christmas season. We have several traditions we do every year and this year we started a new tradition.

Below are several Christmas traditions we do together.

1. Handprint Art. We have made paintings for the past three years. Every season/holiday we paint different handprint art. We’ve made trees, reindeer, and one large tree for Christmas. I love seeing how much my girls’ handprints have grown over the years.

2. Gingerbread Houses. We’ve made houses for the past three years too. We’ve made a regular house, train, and a triangle house. My girls get excited to make a gingerbread house each year. We choose a different kit each year. My girls love tasting some of the frosting and sampling several pieces of candy.




3. Christmas Lego Sets. We started a 12 day ChristmasLego countdown last year. We can built a different Lego every day. We’ve built six Lego sets so far. I’m going to try to built them all so that we can display all sets at once instead of breaking the set each day for the 12 days until Christmas. I’ve had to change the color of some of the bricks.

4. Christmas Star from Afar. We started this tradition this year. This activity comes with a wooden nativity set and stable. It also comes with a book telling a story about the Christmas star. For the activity, my husband and I hide the wooden star and my girls find the star and place the wise men next to the star. We do this every day in December until Christmas when the star is by the stable. You can see my post on the Christmas Star from Afar here to read more information on the activity.

What are your Christmas traditions? What new tradition are you going to start this year?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Our traditions include: Driving around looking at Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies. We’ve done the gingerbread houses the last few years but this year, we’re going to do cut out sugar cookies (tree, star and snowman). The kids will get to decorate and frost their own cookies. We also started the Elf on the Shelf this year.

    1. It’s always fun looking at Christmas lights. There is a certain house we go to every year that decorates their house with tons of lights. This year the house made it on a tv show.

  2. I really like the hand print idea! My parents and siblings come over every year and we decorate sugar cookies and play family games a few days before Christmas. But as for actual Christmas traditions, we only do one (and I’ve done it every year since I was little). We all get to open one small gift on Christmas Eve. Last year we did goodie boxes for the kids with Christmas pjs, snacks, and a movie to watch that night.

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