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Let’s Look Back at 2017

Let’s look back at 2017. What has happened throughout the year? What are some of your favorite moments of last year?

Last year in April was my daughter, Elizabeth’s 1st birthday. You can check out her 1st year  album I created on Shutterfly. Elizabeth had her first happy meal on her birthday. She had a blast at her birthday party. Elizabeth got so excited.

Last year in September, I came back to the blogging world after taking couple years off from writing on my blog. I made few changes to my blog to freshen things up. Plus I changed my blog name from Home is Where the Heart is to Heart Loves Home.

One of my top Meals in the Kitchen posts was 5 Tips on Meal Planning. One of the tips that help me out the most is to create a shopping/grocery list as I’m running low or out of an item. That way that I don’t have to hurry up and make a list before I go shopping.

One of my top For the Home posts was 5 Kitchen Refresh Ideas. One of the tips was to add stylish artwork to your kitchen. The artwork in my kitchen is coffee themed. Some of these coffee art I found on Shoppe on Scout Mob I would love to add to my decor in my kitchen.

One of my top Life of Parenthood posts was I Am Thankful. The post was geared for Thanksgiving, but it’s also can be a gentle reminder to be thankful for the ones that are in your life. I am very thankful for my husband and three girls. It was very fun writing this post and seeing what we did throughout the year as a family.

One of my top True Love posts was Take Time for Us. This post was another reminder to take the time for your spouse or significant other. My husband and I try to take several nights a week and spend time with each other. One of our favorite things to do after our girls have gone to bed is to relax on the couch and watch one of our favorite shows.

One of my top Fabulous Fashion posts was Eyewear Fashion – Warby Parker. This was a sponsored post featuring an eyewear collection by Warby Parker. Their glasses mixed between classic and new styles.

Which posts from the past year were your favorite?

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