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Ninja Chef Blender

What appliances do you use the most in your kitchen when you cook? I usually use my blender, George Foreman grill, and pancake griddle the most.

Now speaking of blenders…

The blender I have works good, but for awhile a nicer blender was on my wishlist. I knew Ninja blenders were really good blenders and I just wanted one.

Can you guess what?!?! I got a Ninja Chef blender for Christmas from my husband!!!!! I got so excited when I opened my present.

I love everything about my Ninja Chef blender. First off it’s a Ninja, so of course it’s good.

I love how easy the Ninja Chef is to use. The control panel is digital. All you have to do is twist the knob for what type of setting you need. You press the start button and the blender blends the ingredients for a certain amount of time.

My most favorite option on the Ninja Chef is the self cleaning option. I love it! You add water to the level indicated on the blender and couple drops of dish soap. Press the clean button and the blender goes through a cleaning cycle. The majority of the cleaning is already done for you. I do a quick wipe in the blender, rinse it out, and let it dry.

I haven’t been able to do all of the settings yet, but I have made smoothies, spaghetti sauce, and strawberry daquiris. The Ninja Chef comes with a guide to made things such as dressings, dips/salsa, and soups plus there are recipes included.

For my smoothie, I made couple servings, so I could have another smoothie the next day. I used a mix of frozen berries/bananas and fresh strawberries to make my smoothie. The Ninja Chef blended the smoothie very well and the smoothie was very smoothie. If you need a smoothie recipe, check out this protein smoothie.

I made my homemade spaghetti sauce for meatballs and spaghetti. I found a really good recipe for meatballs that I have made several times, which is a mix of ground pork and ground sausage. I’ll share the recipe in another post. You can check out my spaghetti sauce recipe here.

I thought it would be fun to make strawberry daquiris for my husband and I. I followed the recipe from my Ninja Chef recipe book. I added more ice than directed to get the drink to the consistency that I wanted. I thought the strawberry daquiri tasted really good. The only thing I would do is lessen the amount of rum in the drink.

Do you have a Ninja blender? What type of blender do you have?

If you want to get a Ninja Chef blender of our own, you can find one at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, or other stores.

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