Where is your Priority?

Where is your priority? What comes first in your life? My family and my home are my priorities. I've been working really hard on making a successful blog. This is a positive and negative thing at the same time. My page views and comments have gone up. I've been getting more followers by email and… Continue reading Where is your Priority?


Reasons to Take a Blogging Break

Do you ever taking a blogging break? I have decided to take a blogging break this week. There will not be any new posts this week. Below are some reasons to take a blogging break. 1. Simply take a break. Sometimes you need to take a break. Just like I said in my Take Care… Continue reading Reasons to Take a Blogging Break


Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Guess what! I was nominated for the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award!!! I feel very honored to be nominated. This blogger award is given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers, in order to broaden the blogging community. Once you get nominated, there are few rules you need to follow. Below are 5 rules to follow for… Continue reading Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

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Let’s Look Back at 2017

Let's look back at 2017. What has happened throughout the year? What are some of your favorite moments of last year? Last year in April was my daughter, Elizabeth's 1st birthday. You can check out her 1st year  album I created on Shutterfly. Elizabeth had her first happy meal on her birthday. She had a… Continue reading Let’s Look Back at 2017